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About Child Support: Child support is an ongoing payment that is made from the one parent of a child to the primary residential parent (the parent the child primarily resides with) for the purpose of providing financial support for the wellbeing and upbringing of the child. There are specific guidelines contained in the Ohio Statutes that stipulates the amount of child support that may be ordered by a family court judge.

Relevant factors which may be considered when determining child support include, but may not be limited to:

  • Child custody arrangements;
  • How much parenting time each parent has;
  • The income of the parents;
  • Total number of children;
  • Unusual medical expenses;
  • Day care expenses;
  • And insurance, among other factors.

A child support modification petition may be requested and arguments presented in a child support modification hearing if significant unforeseen circumstances exist that will directly affect the current child support court order. This request may be presented by either the parent paying the child support payments or parent that receives the child support payments.

Child Support Representation: Child support issues commonly go beyond the statutory guidelines set forth by the Ohio Legislature. It is important to show that your arguments in child support cases is what is fair and reasonable. Often times additional factors may be presented or contested in child support hearings that may include issues not specifically addressed in the Ohio Child Support Guidelines. For example, following a divorce the primary residential parent may choose that putting his or her child in a private school as apposed to a public school is in the best interest of the best interest of the child, or other after school programs such as martial arts or dance classes or other extra curricular activities. These and many other issues may be raised or contested in child support hearings.

The reason these and many more child support issues are contested is because of financial reasons, differences of opinion in the need for specific programs, educational needs or desires, or other child related issues that may affect the amount of child support that the parents of a child may believe is necessary or appropriate.

Whatever your issues, beliefs, and needs may be relating to the amount of child support to be paid, your arguments must effectively be presented to the presiding family court judge to give you the best opportunity to achieve your child support legal needs and goals.

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