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Toledo Criminal Traffic Defense Lawyer, Seneca Weirich Harden provides Professional Traffic Crime Defense and other Criminal Defense Attorney Legal Services for those in Toledo, Sylvania, Oregon, Maumee, Lucas County and throughout Northwest Ohio Area.

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About Traffic Crime Charges: Criminal Traffic Offense involve various crimes or utilizing a motor vehicle in while in the course of committing certain criminal offenses. One of the reason traffic crime laws exist is because many of the crimes associated with the operation of a motor vehicle puts others great risk of severe personal injury or death, not to mention significant property damage. Traffic crimes also involve failure to abide by standing court orders.

Common criminal traffic offenses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol;
  • Driving with suspended or revoked license;
  • Violating court approved hardship driving privileges;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Driving with an open container;
  • Having illegal drugs in the vehicle (drug possession, drug trafficking);
  • Leaving the scene of an accident;
  • Illegal street racing.

Burden of Proof in Traffic Crime Defense Cases: The prosecution must prove that a clear criminal violation occurred by the accused with the use of a motor vehicle. Depending on what the criminal charge is, different elements of the crime must be proven. It is not uncommon for the prosecution to offer a plea deal for a lesser charge. An example of this is a plea deal offer of "reckless driving" instead of a more significant charge of "Illegal Street Racing." Depending on the accused prior driving and criminal history, this may or may not be the best decision for the accused. Especially if the evidence against the accused is weak, and there are plenty of holes to punch through the prosecutions case. This determination must be handled on a case by case situation.

Defense of Traffic Crime Charges: Every piece of evidence must be reviewed. All witnesses must be interviewed, and the actions of law enforcement must be examined. We must exhaust every legal resource to determine if we may be able to:

  • Negotiate to have your charges dropped or dismissed;
  • Negotiate to have your charges reduced;
  • Negotiate for a diversion program (when available);
  • Negotiate for probation instead of jail or prison time;
  • And when a trial is unavoidable, we will aggressively defend your legal rights with every legal resource available.

If you require professional legal services regarding Traffic Crime Defense or other Criminal Defense legal issues, be proactive in protecting your legal rights by seeking the legal advice of an experienced Toledo Traffic Crime Defense attorney - lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of Seneca Weirich Harden, LLC by calling 419.509.7537.

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