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About Drug Crime Charges: Drug crimes involve the possession, manufacturing, cultivation, the sale of or intent to sell, trafficking or transportation of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or other controlled substances. The degree of Drug Crime you are charged with typically depends upon the type of drug, the amount or weight of the drug, the perceived intention regarding the drugs (i.e. personal use, for sale, distribution, or trafficking), and sometimes, your prior criminal record. Many people do not realize that it is a crime for an individual who has a legal prescription for a specific drug and simply gives a single pill to another person. Depending on the offense, individuals, groups of people, doctors, pharmacists, or others involved may be charged with drug crimes.

Burden of Proof in Drug Crime Defense Cases: The issues relating to "burden of proof" in drug crimes may vary. The prosecution may have to adequately establish possession, establish intent, or even establish that the accused had full knowledge of the illegal drugs or prescription drugs. The amount or weight of the drugs and how the accused obtained the drugs may also have to be proven. In the case where a doctor, pharmacist or other medical professional is charged with a drug crime, it may have to be proven that the accused had knowledge that the prescriptions were written for fraudulent purposes, or that the prescriptions where fraudulent or forged.

Defense of Drug Crime Charges: Drug charges will often be prosecuted very aggressively. Defense strategies will vary based on the specific drug crime, as well as others who may be involved with the alleged drug crime. Possession may have to be disputed, including disputing the accused knowledge of the existence of the drugs in question. The amount or weight of the drugs may have to be disputed, as well as the perceived or statutory intent regarding the drugs by law enforcement. Drug crimes often involve putting the actions of law enforcement under a microscope leading up to, during, and after the accused arrest. Ensuring the accused civil rights is often an important avenue to investigate relating to drug crimes. With regards to medical professionals facing drug charges relating to prescription drugs and controlled substances, we often must show the medical professional was unaware of any fraudulent actions, and that the accused was actually a victim of circumstance without intentionally participating in any criminal activity.

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