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About Juvenile Crime Charges: It is well known that good kids sometimes make poor decisions. Today's youth also are under an extreme amount of peer pressure, as well as the over sensationalized need for our youth to have "street cred." It is our belief that a single mistake as a child should not end a child's hopes and dreams, while hindering future education and employment opportunities. Additionally, placing a child who has a lapse in judgment in juvenile hall / juvenile detention often gives an otherwise good child a completely different education. Many studies over the years have shown that children who spend significant time in a juvenile detention center are more likely to be re-offenders. Children who are given other forms of punishment such as extended community service, probation, anger management or physiological treatment tend to put their life back in order and become productive members of society.

If a crime is significant enough, a child may be tried for his or her crime as an adult. Many studies have also shown that this form of justice has not served as a relevant deterrent to stop juvenile crimes from occurring.

Burden of Proof in Juvenile Crime Cases: Juveniles are typically tried for their alleged crimes in juvenile court. The conviction penalties are less severe than that of adult crime conviction penalties. When a juvenile is tried in the juvenile justice system, the burden of proof for each crime is the same as if the crime was committed by an adult... "Beyond and to the exclusion of any reasonable doubt." While the juvenile court prosecutor's job is to seek a juvenile crime conviction, the judge will make rulings that he or she believes is in the best interest of the alleged youthful offender. The judge will be less lenient for repeat juvenile offenders.

If the child is accused of a crime that the district attorney believes is egregious enough that the juvenile should be charged as an adult, this means the prosecution means business and will be very aggressive in prosecuting the child as an adult.

Defense of Juvenile Crime Charges: Just as with adult crime cases, all evidence in juvenile crime cases must be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb. We will examine all the evidence against the accused juvenile, speak to witnesses, examine the actions of law enforcement prior to, during, and after the arrest of a juvenile. We will also ensure if the child's civil rights were violated in any way that the civil rights violation is made known to the court. If the prosecution is unwilling to drop the case, reduce the charged, or insist the case goes in front of the judge, we will provide an aggressive defense for the child.

If the case is recommended for the child to be tried as an adult, we will fight to have the case handled in the juvenile justice system. If it is inevitable that the child will be tried as an adult, we will fight for the child's rights and freedoms with every legal resource available under the law.

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