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About Violation of Probation Accusations: "Probation" means a form of community supervision requiring specified contacts with parole and probation officers and other terms and conditions. If an action is committed that is in violation of the terms of probation, the probation may be revoked by the presiding judge, at which time the judge may impose a term of imprisonment for the original crime the individual was convicted for according to the appropriate sentencing guidelines.

A violation of probation may be either a:

  • Technical Violation of Probation: Technical violations of probation are not criminal actions, but rather a failure to comply. may include failure to change your address without obtaining proper permission, a failure to pay court costs or fines, failure to appear for a mandatory probation meeting, being late to a mandatory probation meeting, or failure to attend or complete court-ordered classes. Technical violations of probation are not criminal actions, but a failure to comply.
  • Substantive Violation of Probation: Substantive Violations occur when the individual is accused of committed a new criminal offense. The reason we say "is accused to have allegedly committed a new crime" is because, even if the accused is found "not guilty" of the new alleged crime, the court still has the authority to revoke the probation and enforce the original conviction and sentencing guidelines. Unlike a criminal trial where the burden of proof is "Beyond and to the exclusion of any reasonable doubt," in a violation of probation hearing, the the burden of proof is that a "preponderance of the evidence" existed that you may have committed the crime."

Defense of Violation of Probation Accusations: The defense of an allegation of a probation violation depends on if the allegation is a Technical Violation of Probation or a Substantive Violation of Probation. With a Technical Violation our goal is to either prove that the alleged violation was either a paperwork error, an honest oversight, or a violation that was not intentional, thus not warranting a revocation of your probation. In a Substantive Violation the allegation of the a new crime, the new crime must be successfully defended. If found guilty, the probation granted for the original crime may be revoked. If found innocent, at the probation hearing, we must still show the presiding judge that a "preponderance of the evidence" does not exist that the accused may have committed a new crime.

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